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Trading In Your Car

Trading your car in to Fiesta Motors is usually the most convenient way to go. Trading in a car to Fiesta Motors is usually a same-day transaction with no fuss and bother. Fiesta Motors assesses the condition of your car, its age, and other factors and determines it trade-in-value. Trade-in value is generally lower than the amount you could sell the car for yourself in a private-party sale, but by trading in you avoid significant risk and pitfalls and save time, effort and potential post-sale headaches. As the National Automobile Dealers Association, explained, "If you sell your car yourself you are basically making yourself available to the buyer. When you trade in your car to a dealer you absolve yourself of liability."

Trading in is about convenience - there are no advertisements to place, no test drives to arrange, and no legal battles to fight if your recently-sold car breaks down. For those people without the time to sell a car on their own, trading in makes sense. Once a car is in the dealer's hands, it's the dealer’s responsibility to prepare it and handle the resale.

Trading-in may also offer a tax advantage if you are buying a vehicle at the same time. In most states, when your car is taken in trade you only pay sales tax on the difference in cost between its trade-in-value and the price of the new car. In states with high sales tax, such as Maryland, this benefit can help narrow the difference between trade-in value and private party price. So Marylanders get another 6% if their car is traded in, closing the gap between the trade-in value and the retail value. *some conditions may apply.